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Photo of Patti Faulhaber


What People Say

PLF Art Services

Joe Stevens
Sauvis Inc.
Chief Revenue Officer


PLF Art Services attention

to detail is first class.

I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for professional photography and art work.

David Warren

Heilind Electronics
Director, Global Marketing

& Communications Director

I worked with Patti to put in our product photography program at EZ-FLO where she took initiative and developed a process and program that allowed us to produce thousands of high-quality product shots that we used on our own eCommerce channels as well as Home Depot, Lowes, Grainger, HD Supply and Amazon.

Without the hard work that Patti put in making our product shots some of the best in the industry we would not have had as much success in eCommerce.

Patti's photography and diagraming was a definite contributor to revenue.

I highly recommend Patti for any product photography and I will use her again in the future.

Laura Murphy
DB Roberts
Marketing, Communications,
Brand Management

We used PLF Art Services for several images of small components and parts. Patti communicated throughout the process and shared the different options available

to suit our needs.

Your search is over!

PLF Art Services is the source you've been looking for.

Professional, Creative Product Photography and Graphic Design, Dallas Texas.

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